1. ETSY SPOTLIGHT: AfriqueLaChic by @AfuaKumasi 

    Y’all, I’m not even gonna act like I’m not biased — I love this Etsy store with all my heart. AfriqueLaChic has some of the most beautiful unique African jewelry that I’ve seen. Owned by Afua Kumasi, a proud member of the Etsy Artists of Color Street Team, the store features pieces made of natural stones, woods, and metals, often adorned by beautiful adinkra symbols. Each piece is explained carefully for those who may not have a wealth of knowledge about the symbols or the types of materials used, and the shop owner is possibly one of the sweetest vendors I’ve come across. The pieces can be a bit pricey, from natural hair accessories ringing in at around $12 all the way up to a gunmetal black bib necklace setting you back $45, but there’s absolutely no denying that these pieces are beautiful and worth it. 

    Visit AfriqueLaChic HERE ON ETSY or HERE AT THE WEBSITE!

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